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Shop for products and services related to health & wellness with many of Ask The Doctor's partners using our official digital currency, the AskToken (an ERC-20 Token).

Beta Users can earn AskTokens for free by watching educational videos created by our network of doctors and other healthcare professionals on AskTheDoctor.com.

AskToken Rewards can currently only be earned and not purchased.

The program is currently in beta and opened to a limited number of users.


How do you earn AskTokens for free?

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Medical Education Videos

Watch medical education videos on a wide range of topics on AskTheDoctor.com created by our network of Doctors and other healthcare professionals.

How do you purchase AskTokens

AskTokens currently can't be purchased. They can only be earned by watching our healthcare educational videos.

What can you buy with AskTokens

Our Ask Token can be used to purchase many different products and services related to health & wellness at special discounted rates from our online store (coming soon) or in-person at one of our participating merchants.



Pay for your Doctor's visit with one of our many telemedicine partners around the world.


Medical Appointments

Pay for in-person Doctor visits, Dentist visits, Massages, Chiropractors etc. in our network of healthcare practitioners. 


Online Store (coming soon)

Ask The Doctor's Online Store has a wide variety of products from PPE to Vitamins and Supplements.

Mission-Driven Globally

Knowledge is power. By offering AskTokens to people in exchange for watching educational healthcare video content, we believe we can make the world a healthier place for everyone including many around the world who can't afford proper healthcare or have limited access.


"Imagine a world where those who can't afford basic healthcare, now have the opportunity to not only educate themselves but get rewarded with a digital currency that gives them the ability to pay for doctors and medications."

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Prakash Chand

Founder & CEO Ask The Doctor


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